About Mfc

What the heck is this place?!

We’re a small artist owned and operated art supply co. based
in Fountain Square, Indianapolis! 
We also share a space with our “sister co” Cream Tattoo Supply.
(For pro tatters only! Read more on that below) 

What's your story?!

Mystery Fun Club was originally started in 2020 by our good pals Shane & Kirstin all the way down under in lil’ old Cape Town, South Africa (random, we know) 
They started the space during the worst parts of the pandemic with no real plan other than to make stuff they love in a strict “no jerks allowed” environment. 
They’ve also been running a distribution for Cream Tattoo Supply (in South Africa) since January 2020 and we’ve been working together like a big ol’ house on fire ever since. 

Fast forward two years later, we’ve decided to join forces from opposite ends of the earth to bring Mystery Fun Club to Indianapolis!
We look forward to bringing a fresh take on arts and crafts to the creative community of FSQ and meeting all you fine people along the way! 

Who the heck are you people?!